FREE Video Library: About This Project and the Fire Congress Campaign


These videos are basically commercials to help spread this campaign to the four corners of this country.  Please link to them, email them and make them go viral over the internet so we can pull the campaign off in the upcoming election and slam the breaks on what the global elite are doing to our nation.

Radio Interview with the KTAO Founder
In this all-too-brief interview, the founder of the Kick Them All Out Project, Bruce McDoanld, squeezes in as much as possible about what the goals of this project are and how we can achieve them.

We Are Americans and We Are Not Afraid!
This short video highlights the stark truth that we have transformed from the land of the free and home of the brave to become a nation of politically correct, simpering idiots that look to the government to solve all our problems.

Once Upon A Time In America - Vote for America Not Career Politicians or Political Parties
Stagnant pools of water are breeding grounds for all kinds of pests - and so is Congress. Help us get some motion into this cesspool by turning 99% of it over at every election!


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