Video: Argentina's 2001 Economic Collapse

The International Bankes Are Doing The Exact Same Thing To Us Right NOW!

If you think what is going on is by some accidental chain of uncontrollable events, you're sadly mistaken.  Everything that is happening is being deliberately orchestrated by the international bankers.  If you want to see exactly what they have in store fur us, just watch what they did to Argentina.

This film documents the events that led to the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001 which wiped out the middle class and raised the level of poverty to 57.5%. Central to the collapse was the implementation of neo-liberal policies which enabled the swindle of billions of dollars by foreign banks and corporations. Many of Argentina's assets and resources were shamefully plundered. Its financial system was even used for money laundering by Citibank, Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan. The net result was massive wealth transfers and the impoverishment of society which culminated in many deaths due to oppression and malnutrition.


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