Video: Al Gore Is A Self-Serving LIAR

When considering a huge issue like giving the government a mandate to "manage the global climate," when they have never proven competent to manage anything properly, it's crucial to take the time to evaluate the trustworthiness of the people selling you on the idea.

We can no longer assume we are being told the truth about anything, especially when fear mongering is being used as a primary tool of persuasion.  Managing the global climate, even if it were possible, means massive expansion of a government that is already far too big and massive new taxes on top of all the taxes every level of government already imposes on us.  IT'S INSANE PEOPLE!!

We must look deeper.  And we must also remember that good liars are very good at appearing not to be lying.



And you should be aware that Al Gore and Company have also launched a massive $300 Million dollar campaign to sell everyone on the lie that puts forward such notable climate experts as Al Sharpton along side Pat Robertson and  Nancy Peolsi along side Newt Gingrich. 

If you believe the following commercials are an honest attempt and conveying the truth of climate change . . . I just don't know what to say.   All these people in these commercials are politicians, opportunists and liars.  Al Gore and company are treating you like you're morons, children.  Instead of an honest, open, informative approach, they scare the crap out of you and present these stooges as proof that we're all going to die if we don't give them a blank check and the okay to control every area of our lives.


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