Video: John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

If you really want to know how the global parasites control the world, this interview will really open your eyes.  John Perkins was a major player in the system that the global parasites have set up to strap the entire planet in massive debt which can never be repaid, by corrupting a relatively small handful of key people in countries around the world.  Through massive loans issued by the World Bank the ruling class of this planet deliberately saddle third world nations with debts they cannot repay.  Because they can't repay, they end up doing deals to turn over control of their natural resources to the same people that knowingly saddled them with all the debt to begin with.   It's the exact same scheme they use to saddle our nation in debt.  Just as our Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, so does the World Bank. 

The people that control the world's central banks are by far the primary scourge on this planet.   The sooner we shut them down and throw them all in jail the better off everyone will be.

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