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DVD: COVID-19 CURE - Deliberately Concealed and Supressed

Did you know there has been a safe, effective,
and inexpensive cure for COVID-19 from the beginning of
the alleged pandemic that Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and Bill Gates
have done their best to demonize, conceal and/or suppress
from the American people (and the world)
to protect BILLIONS in future vaccine profits?


I made this DVD to help wake people up in my local community.  So far it's been very well received.  I have managed to squeeze 18 videos onto this DVD and the quality is still pretty darn good.  There is more than enough information on this DVD to convince anyone who is not brainwashed beyond hope taht we have been, and continue to be lied to on a massive scale.

The first 2 videos on the DVD are presentations given by Doctors who recently gave a presser in front of the Supreme Court building, voicing their frustration about a cure for COVID-19 that has been available from the very start of this alleged pandemic but has been deliberately suppressed by all the usual suspects.  It's a safe and effective drug that's been used for over 60 YEARS called hydroxychloroquine!

The very next day a massive, ruthless campaign was launched to censor, ridicule, and marginalize these doctors.  The videos were immediately removed from YouTube and many other platforms.  The web site was immediately taken down.  THEY DO NOT WANT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS INFORMATION.  THEY WANT YOU DEEPLY AFRAID AND CLAMORING FOR THEIR DANGEROUS, EXPENSIVE AND TOTALLY EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES!  As a means to get around this censorship, I have included 2 of their presentations that they gave later on in the day on this DVD.

The DVD contains these 19 videos.

1) Crimes Against Humanity:  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich details a class action lawsuit against those behind the COVID-19 pandemic hoax, namely those driving it with fraudulent PCR testing. (Video length 50 min.)

2) Top Epidemiologist on HCQ:  World-renowned Dr. Risch decries the suppression and misinformation campaign against hydroxychloroquine (Video length 12 min.)1) Top Epidemiologist on HCQ:  World-renowned Dr. Risch decries the suppression and misinformation campaign against hydroxychloroquine (Video length 12 min.)

3) How HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) Works:  From America's Fronline Doctors Presentations: In this video, Dr. Mobeen Syed explains, in very clear language, precisely how hydroxychloroquine works to PREVENT viral infections and how it can CURE viral infections once they start. And yes, even the hysterically hyped COVID-19 virus. (Video length 12 min.)

4) HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) Safety: From America's Fronline Doctors Presentations: In this video, Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Richard Urso cover the long-term studies and history of hydroxychloroquine use that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that hydroxychloroquine is one of the safest drugs on the market. It has been around for well over 60 years, prescribed to tens of millions of people, and is considered so safe it's available over the counter in many countries around the world. (Video length 12 min.)

5) A Comprehensive Overview: In this video, Dr. Victory Presents An Incredibly Comprehensive AND HONEST Perspective on the Realty of COVID-19.  THIS is who should be advising the President and directing the response to the COVID-19, not the totally corrupt, self-serving numbskull Dr. Fauci/Bill Gates and Co. who have been deliberately misleading the American People into a totally mindless panic to advance his own sick agenda. Fire Fauci and hire Victory! (Video length 18 min.)

6) Ignore Case Numbers. In this short news segment Dr. Victory details exactly why everyone should ignore the hysteria being created over "spikes in case numbers"  and explains her support and use of Hydroxychloroquine/Zinc for the treatment/cure of COVID-19. She points out that not only is it highly effective, it only costs $12 to treat a patient as apposed to the Faucci/WHO supported drugs that cost $2000 to treat a patient and those treatments don't even work. Classic Big Pharma con job!
(Video length 9 min.)

7) Healthy People DO NOT Drive the Spread of Pandemics. This is a briefing given by Dr. Fauci himself where he emphatically states Asymptomatic people DO NOT drive the spread of pandemics.  It's ALWAYS the symptomatic, sick people. (Video length 4 min.)

8) How Big Is A Virus - This video from an Exploratorium exhibit designed to help you visualize how small a coronavirus really is and investigate the implications of its small size. (Video length 4 min.)

9) Masks Don't Work - Dr. Ted Noel - Finally, an HONEST doctor has created a way for you to visualize just how small a virus really is.   Even the most die-hard mask lover can see a virus will pass right through and out any opening in the mask VIRUSES ARE EXTREMELY TINY! You need an electron microscope to even see them! Fauci knows this, the CDC knows this, the WHO knows this, Bill Gates knows this. (Video length 3 min.)

10) Mask Danger - This is a demonstration of how wearing masks creates HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS for your health. The WHO originally came out and said you should not be wearing masks unless you are sick, sneezing, coughing, etc., etc., or working with sick people!! Time to stop complying with idiotic, illegal, unconstitutional "orders" from lunatic politicians and corrupt/conflicted so-called healthcare professionals.   (Video length 2.5 min.)

11) Inflated Death Stats -  A 12-year Physician Assistant (PA), Lindsay Blankenship, risks her career to expose how hospitals are being intensely pressured to dramatically inflate the number of coronavirus cases. (Video length 29 min.)

12) Vaccine Industry Exposed - Robert Kennedy Jr. Exposes the Truth About the Vaccine Industry and the Unsafe Vaccines They Create: Robert Kennedy Jr. has become one of the leading experts and opponents of the entire corrupt vaccine industry. In this video, he exposes the reality of how deeply corrupt and dangerous this industry is and how it is the only industry given total immunity from prosecution for any damage done by their products!  (Note: Robert Kennedy Jr.has a condition called spasmodic dysphonia, a specific form of an involuntary movement disorder called dystonia that affects only the voice box.  This is why his voice sounds so awkward) (Video length 15 min.)

13) Vaccine Alters DNA - Dr. Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Specialist with over 19 years of experience, claims that the COVID-19 vaccine could be a Trojan Horse used to patent human beings, as it will change one’s DNA.  (Video length 24 min.)

14) Forced Vaccinations:  Bill Gates - YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE MY DANGEROUS VACCINES: This is a very short clip of an interview Bill Gates did regarding his absurd assertion that the whole world has to allow him to jab this dangerous experimental vaccine into all of us and that we don't have any choice! (Video length 1 min.)

15) Is't Not About Your Health - Jeremy Elliot - Nothing Disrupts the System Like An Inquisitive Mind: Most people are now so indoctrinated and brainwashed, to the point of complete and utter complete idiocy. I would rather be called a conspiracy theorist than a brainless, subservient sheep. Just think why no politician or billionaire got sick or died from this “ deadly” virus or, why no politician or billionaire lost their income or their businesses looted. Unfortunately, those who really need to watch this clip will bypass.... Blessed are the poor in spirit I guess. Jeremy Elliot breaks it down perfectly! (Video length 5 min.)

16) Brief History of Corruption at the CDC: This is a segment from the film PLANDemic II which details a bit of the totally corrupt operations of the CDC. Nothing has changed. They are doing it again with the FAKE COVID-19 PANDEMIC!  This agency has been a menace to socieity from its inception!  YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYTHING COMING OUT OF THE CDC. (Video length 4 min.)

17) Science For Social Control: This is a video segment of a Corbett Report recorded in 2016. Very accurately predicts much of what we see occurring right now with all the "Medical Tyranny" being imposed on the populations of the Western world. (Video length 5 min.)

18) Science For Social Control: This is a video segment of a Corbett Report recorded in 2016. Very accurately predicts much of what we see occurring right now with all the "Medical Tyranny" being imposed on the populations of the Western world. (Video length 5 min.)

19) How They Pulled Off The Global Pandemic Hoax: Many find it hard to believe that anyone would deliberately launch a pandemic that wasn't real, or that something like that could actually be done on a totally coordinated global scale. What most don't realize is that the most powerful transnational banking/corporate cartels (cult actually) have been putting the infrastructure in place for many decades to make such a thing possible. It's called "globalization." They have accomplished so much at this point anything they do impacts virtually everyone on the entire planet all at the same time.  In this video, David Icke details precisely how it's done.  (Video length 16 min.)


These are the videos on the DVD

Crimes Against Humanity - Class Action Lawsuit
Against Those Responsible for the Criminal COVID-19 Pandemic Hoax

Yale Epidemiologist Harvey Risch: Dr. Fauci & FDA
Have Caused the 'Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of Americans'





Dr. Kelly Victory Puts the Fear-mongering about
"CASE NUMBERS" into proper perspective



How small is a single coronavirus, really?


Masks Don't Work


Mask Danger


Frontline Worker Linsay Blankenship Blows the Whistle on Hospitals
Being Pressured to DRAMATICALLY Inflate Covid-19 Death Numbers


Vaccine Alters DNA



Nothing Disrupts the System Like An Inquisitive Mind!





Please get a copy or copies of this video to hand out to friends and family

To help defray the cost of making the DVD
and to cover shipping we're asking a nominal

  NOTICE: Unfortunately we can only Mail DVD within the United States
I checked and it costs about $20 to mail them. 
If you order from outside the U.S. we'll have to give you a refund minus the Paypal fee.

If you really can't afford to help with $4, you can request a free DVD by emailing us here.


If you purchase a DVD we suggest you also download and print out the following informational handouts to give to friends and family.

  1. Community Letter: This letter explains the truth about the situation we're all in and how badly we've all been lied to. 
  2. Mask Facts: This was recently published by the Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)  detailing the fact that there's no scientific evidence to justify forcing everyone to wear masks. 
  3. AAPS Demand to the FDA to approve hydroxychloroquine:  This is a recent urgent call from AAPS for the FDA to immediately approve the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19.


Click on an image to download the document.




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