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Directory of Doctors Prescribing ffective Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy


Updated: 18 May 2021

Source: https://www.exstnc.com/

Scroll down for Directory below



(See TERMS below)

Heal COVID-19 … Early

Only your immune system can eliminate the coronavirus and related effects that causes COVID-19. Combinations of medications and supplements are used to slow down viral replication as well as provide immune enhancement and regulation until your body can get ahead of and survive long enough to clear the viral load and recover from the resulting damage that the virus initiates.  Earlier treatment is better. Outside of the body, soap and other sanitizers destroy the virus.

The general worldwide population will not have access to COVID-19 vaccines for several months. Even when available, the vaccines will not be 100% effective; people will continue to contract COVID-19 and require treatment. Currently available effective treatments (provided by the medical professionals listed in the directory below), therefore, will remain important to limit physical, emotional and economic suffering resulting from COVID-19

COVID-19 is largely a vascular disease that produces blood clotting. The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus causes dysregulation of the body's immune response system resulting in the clotting.  The disease includes inflammation of the vascular tissue in the lungs, strokes, and issues in other parts of the body.

See treatment protocols for all phases of COVID-19 ... including post-COVID ("Long-haul") syndrome at:


Ivermectin (IVM) ... and possibly Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) plus Zinc, if HCQ is provided very soon after beginning of diagnosis ... have proven effective for COVID-19 therapy. In addition, no adverse reactions (contraindications) are typical from simultaneous use of IVM and HCQ and other substances in the treatment protocols. Some doctors include both IVM and HCQ+Zinc in their treatments.

Based on clinical evidence, Ivermectin is the more effective primary treatment medication... for all phases of COVID-19.

IVM appears to inhibit viral replication, control immune system over-reaction, and minimize excessive blood clotting. Combining IVM with Fluvoxamine and other medications and supplements enhances the effectiveness.  https://c19early.com

Treatments with Existing Repurposed Drugs are Proven Effective

2 million of the total 3.2 million COVID-19 deaths could have been avoided based on early outpatient treatments known to be effective from 45 controlled studies of ivermectin for COVID-19 showing a 82% improvement and 218 controlled studies of HCQ for COVID-19 showing a 65% improvement (HCQ is not effective when used too late or without zinc). Using existing combination treatments will reduce on-going suffering and deaths. https://c19legacy.com  

Several areas in the Americas and India have experienced excellent results treating COVID-19 with Ivermectin.


“Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID- 19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance. Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin. Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.” April 29, 2021


“A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted by a team of experts. Twenty-one RCTs involving 2741 participants met review inclusion, according to strict criteria.  Ivermectin demonstrates a strong therapeutic efficacy. Moreover, ivermectin is the sole therapeutic so far to have demonstrated efficacy at all stages of the very complex clinical course of the covid-19 disease, from prophylaxis through to critical care. ‘Real world’ whole-country case studies show striking reductions of covid-related deaths and infections as soon as ivermectin distribution is implemented on a wide scale. 25 countries are now using ivermectin against COVID-19, 15 of them country-wide with official endorsement. “

British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) panel  March 25, 2021​

“Ivermectin for COVID-19 is effective and has been given to us on a silver platter. It can completely change the history of this disease. Ivermectin is one of the safest medicines you can give a human being. It has been in use for 40 years and is on WHO’s list of essential medications. We are facing a crisis. It is unethical to wait for more clinical trials, giving placebo to some patients who are dying. With patient's consent, it is a doctor's absolute ethical duty to treat with Ivermectin.”  

Paul Marik, MD, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School

“The bottom line is that ivermectin works. I’ve seen that in my patients as well as treating my own family. We must find a way to administer it on a large scale to a lot of people. When you have long-haul patients that can’t breathe for five, six, eight, nine months and they tried multiple drugs and supplements with no success, and you give them ivermectin and you see that they start immediately feeling better, this is real. Ivermectin can really be the game-changer against COVID-19. It’s safe, it’s cheap and it works.” Dr. Alessandro Santin   Yale School of Medicine

“If we see these same trends consistently observed across more studies, this [IVM] really is going to be a transformational treatment”

Dr. Andrew Hill, University of Liverpool, UK, World Health Organization (WHO) affiliated researcher

The United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) on January 14, 2021 withdrew its previous recommendation not to use Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19.

Medical Professionals Worldwide Provide These Effective Treatments

See the Directory of professionals below.

A global status of IVM adoption for COVID-19 treatment by country is provided at: https://ivmstatus.com 

Contact One of These Professionals for COVID-19 Help



​Information is not guaranteed to be accurate. A particular medical professional currently may not be accepting new patients.


Dr. Darrell DeMello (IVM)                                 +91-7718079507   darrelldemello@gmail.com


Dr. M. Anwar Noor (IVM)                                  +93-775313155     anwarnoor285@gmail.com


States using IVM: Corrientes, Jujuy, Misiones, Pampa, Salta, Santa Cruz, Tucuman

Dr. Hector Eduardo Carvallo (IVM)                   11 4389 1215

Dr. Maria Eugenia Farinella (IVM)                     11 4389 1215

Dr. Roberto Raul Hirsch (IVM)                           11 4360 5700

Dr. Rodrigo Zoni (IVM)                                       54 379 441 00 00


The Centre for Digestive Diseases (IVM)         2 9713 4011       GP@CDD.com.au    referrals

Dr. Mark Hobart (IVM)                                        3 9311 5977

Dr. Peter Lewis (IVM)                                          3 9822 9996


Dr. Mohammad Tarek Alam (IVM)                   9120792 93


IVM approved by Belize’s Ministry of Health as a prescription treatment option for Covid-19


Dr. Henry Dowling (IVM)                                   (441) 296-7296        office@aiih.net                  https://aiih.net   

Dr. Paula Estwick (IVM)                                      (441) 293-5476        pestwick@nmac.bm         https://www.nmac.bm


Bolivian government added IVM to its guidelines for treating coronavirus infections in May 2020

Dr. Andres Zurita (IVM)                                     +79606228793        andreszc1.11.111@gmail.com      (consultations by telemedine for all Bolivia)


Cities using IVM:  Belem, Fortaleza,Itajai, Paranagua, Porto Alegre, Porto Feliz

Dr. Wilton Adriano (IVM + HCQ)                                                      wadrianocc@gmail.com   (Golania, Goias)

Dr. Geysa Regina Canarim Pin (IVM)                17 3216 3408                                                     (São José do Rio Preto)

Dr. Felipe Dias Wanderley de Carvalho (IVM + HCQ)                     diasds1313@gmail.com  (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais)       

Dr. Renato J. Freitas (IVM)                                 17 3227 0508                                                     (São José do Rio Preto)

Dr. Lucy Kerr (IVM)                                              55 11 3287 3755                                               (São Paulo)

Dr. Maria de Fátima Gomes de Luna                                                mfgdeluna@gmail.com  (Fortaleza, Ceará)

Dr. Jussara Resende (IVM)                                 55 11 98825 6308                                              (São Paulo)

Dr. Raissa Soares (IVM + HCQ)                         73 98834 0357                                                   (Porto Seguro, Bahia)

Dr. Claudia de Bessa Solmucci (IVM)                31 4009 8200          cbsolmucci@gmail.com  (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais) 

Dr. Fernando Suassuna (IVM)                            55 84 98103 1515                                              (Natal)

Dr. Nise Hitomi Yamaguchi (HCQ)                    55 11 21411446                                                 (São Paulo)


Use of IVM for COVID-19 treatment is common


BC CDC, Alberta Health Services: IVM not recommended for COVID-19 outside of approved clinical trials (April 21, 2021)


Dr. Sam Enoh (IVM)                                            samuelenohtanya@gmail.com


Physicians can prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19 patients; then report it in the Infectious Diseases Information System


HCQ available; IVM being tested for COVID-19 treatment


IVM is used widely both for prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19. Some doctors use HCQ as well.

Dr. José Natalio Redondo Galan (IVM)            josenatalioredondo@gmail.com


National treatment guidelines issued November 2020


Government sanctioned protocol includes IVM  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EYmTD7kXsAIh2L_?format=jpg&name=large


IVM generally available for COVID-19 but patient may have to request it ... IVM not included in national guidelines 

Dr. Sabine Paliard-Franco (HCQ)                      3 81 07 62 64

Dr. Denis Gastaldi (HCQ)                                  3 87 86 31 05

Dr. Jean-Jacques Erbstein (HCQ)                     3 87 94 49 71


Some municipalities are providing free Covid Kits to those who are sick. The kits include IVM and other items.

Dr. Jorge Alfonso Lemus (IVM)                         WhatsApp 502 5391 7777  (Guatemala City)


Government approved protocol includes IVM and HCQ


Clinical trial of IVM for COVID-19 treatment  at the South Pest Central Hospital and the National Institute of Pulmonology


Much of India has IVM available as a first line of treatment for COVID-19

Dr. Rakesh Arora (IVM)                                       97792114  

Dr. V. K. Arora (IVM)                                           120 4880077

Dr. Digambar Behera (IVM)                              172 274 7585  

Dr. Darrell DeMello (IVM)                                  7718079507   (Mumbai)  darrelldemello@gmail.com  also treats long-hauler Covid-19 

Dr. Bhupesh Dewan (IVM)                                 22 30610000

Dr. Jagadish G Donki (IVM)                               9845917230   (Bangalore) doctor333in@yahoo.co.in also treats long Covid-19 (Post Covid Syndrome)

Dr. Surya Kant (IVM)                                           522 2255167  

Dr. Shashikanth Manikappa (IVM)                                            smanikappa@gmail.com

Dr. Rahul Mayekar (IVM)                                    22 2406 3000

Dr. Parthiv Mehta (IVM)                                     757 500 4800

Dr. Narayana Pradeep (IVM)                             949 6358176

Dr. P. Sarat Singh (IVM)                                      38 5244 3144

Dr. Mohankumar Thekkinkatti (IVM)l                759 8110066

Dr. Agam Vora (IVM)                                          22 2895 4811  

Dr. Asiya Kamber Zaidi (IVM)                                                     asiyazaidia@gmail.com


IVM for COVID-19 information at:  https://www.farmagalenica.it/ivermectina-contro-covid-capsule-galeniche-in-farmacia/


Ministry of Health & Wellness does not recommend for or against IVM in COVID-19 treatment (March 2021)

The Ministry recognizes that some doctors are using IVM for treatment of COVID-19


Dr. Haruo Ozaki, chairman, Tokyo Medical Association, recommends use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 patients (9 Feb 2021)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans clinical trials of Ivermectin for outpatient treatment of COVID-19 (30 Jan 2021)


IVM for COVID-19 treatment approved by MALMED Drug Agency for North Macedonia


States using IVM:  Chiapas

Mexico City government is giving away COVID-19 kits with Ivermectin & Azythtromycin through kiosks.

Dr. Guadalupe Espitia Hernández (IVM)          55 54471424 ext 13272  (Mexico City)

Dr. Ezequiel Jose Castro Ortiz (IVM)                drecastro@live.com (Monterrey)

Dr. José Humberto Galindo Rendón (IVM)      (492) 156 0805  (Zacatecas)


My Free Doctor (IVM + HCQ)                           +1 850-750-1322   Text        http://www.myfreedoctor.com


National treatment guidelines issued January 2021


Clinical trial ​approved in Lagos state for Ivermectin treatment of Covid-19


Dr. Najma Parveen (IVM)                                   322 5335786

Dr. Sohaib Ashraf (IVM)                                      333 447452


Government has approved and stockpiled IVM and HCQ


States using IVM: Alto Parna


National treatment guidelines issued January 2021

Dr. Gustavo Aguirre Chang (IVM)                     Facebook: Gustavo Aguirre             

Dr. Carlos Calampa Del Águila (IVM)               1 641 9847

Dr. Antonio Camargo  (IVM)                             WhatsApp +51 942610346       dr@antoniocamargo.com

Dr. Risof Solis Cóndor (IVM)                             risofneumologia@gmail.com

Dr. Jose Eduardo Gotuzzo Heritage (IVM)      1 319 0000

Dr. Yiduv Pettyd Ordoñez Romero (IVM)        yiduv@hotmail.com


A licensed physician may prescribe IVM off label at his/her own discretion in consultation with the patient

Dr. Benigno Agbayani (IVM)                              (+632) 8558-0888 Local 4170

Dr. Allan A. Landrito (IVM)                                 09323137060      dr.allan.landrito@gmail.com


Dr. Włodzimierz Bodnar (Amantadine)            +48 16 677 00 79, +48 16 671 87 77           https://przychodnia-przemysl.pl


January 27, 2021: The Health Ministry approved the therapeutic use of IVM for six months


Court order determines that physicians, on their own judgement, may prescribe IVM for treatment of COVID-19 (April 6, 2021)

Dr. Shankara Chetty (IVM + HCQ)                    +27 39 311 3456 

My Free Doctor (IVM + HCQ)                           +1 850-750-1322   Text        http://www.myfreedoctor.com


Dr. Marina Bucar Barjud (HCQ)                         +34 902 089 800

Dr. Nyjon Eccles (IVM)                                        +34 952 78 05 40                                        https://thenaturaldoctor.org


Dr. Nyjon Eccles (IVM)                                       +44 (0)207 7224 4622                                  https://thenaturaldoctor.org


(see below)


Government has approved COVID-19 treatment protocol includes IVM and HCQ


Government has approved use and importation of IVM for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19 

Dr. Jackie Stone



MULTIPLE STATES (Telemedicine)

Dr. Miguel Antonatos (IVM)                              (855) 767-8559   https://text2md.com

       (States: AL, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, ND, NE, NJ, NV, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, WA, WI, WV)

Dr. Darrell DeMello (IVM)                                 +91-7718079507 darrelldemello@gmail.com  (located in India; licensed in and treats in the USA)

Dr. Alieta Eck (IVM)                                            (732) 463-0303   eckmds@gmail.com

Dr. Syed Haider (IVM+HCQ)                             (281) 219-7367 Text or better yet sign up: http://www.drsyedhaider.com/

       (States: AK, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY,

        OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WV, WI, WY)

Dr. Eder Hernández DMSc,PA-C (IVM)             (956) 546-2000; (956) 518-7444; (956) 731-6699        www.valleymedcovid19.com

Dr. Richard Herrscher (IVM)                               (972) 473-7544                                                             www.aircaremd.com

Dr. Peter Hibberd (IVM)                                    (561) 655-4477;  (561) 725-2356 (text)

     (States: FL, TX, CA, IL, CT, IN, KY)

Dr. Joseph N. Holmes (IVM+HCQ)                  (980) 264-9020   Text preferred

Dr. Rob Karas (IVM)                                            (479) 966-5088;  (479) 770-4343                                   https://karashealthcare.com/

Dr. Kevin Kargman (IVM + HCQ)                      (856) 261-3068   Text

     (States: AZ, CT, GA, ID, IN, KY,  MI, NJ, OK, WV, WY)

Dr. Clifford F. Porter (IVM+HCQ)                      (512) 553-1501                                                              www.txmedicalcare.com

Dr. Keri Topouzian  (IVM)                                   (248) 240-0450     askdrt@gmail.com       prophylaxis, current infections, long covid    

     (States CO, MI, TX) 

Patricia Trafford, FNP (IVM)                               (480) 496-8340   tricia@anewhealth.org       http://www.anewhealth.org

Dr. Barry Ungerleider (IVM)                                                                                                        https://preventionwithivermectin.com/   (all 50 states)

Dr. David Gregory Walker (IVM)                       (713) 776-2200   GregWalkerMD@sbcglobal.net  (all 50 states)

Dr. Fred Wagshul (IVM)                                     (888) 788-9101   LungCenterofAmerica.org

Brian Weinstein MS APN NPC (IVM+HCQ)                                                                                            www.synergyhealthdpc.com  (all 50 states)

Jennifer Wright MSN, ACP-C (IVM)                https://doctorsstudio.com/i-mask-covid-19-protocol/  (treatment is available only via online purchase)

  (States: AK, CA, CO, CT, FL, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND,NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV)

Dr. Anna Yoder, DNP (IVM+HCQ)                  connect with me at www.telehealthnp.com        Prophylaxis $50; Positive $75.

  (States: AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NV,  OK, OR, PA, SD, TX, WA, WV)            

America’s Frontline Doctors                             https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/covid-19/how-do-i-get-covid-19-medication

iCareVIP (IVM)                                                    (888) 447-7902   https://icarevip.com

My Free Doctor (IVM + HCQ)                          (850) 750-1322   Text          http://www.myfreedoctor.com    (all 50 states)


Dr. David Calderwood (HCQ)                           (256) 535-5944

Rebecca Halechko, CRNP, FNP-BC (IVM)        (205) 624-4325   southernwellness@outlook.com


​Renae Blanton, MSN, FNP-BC (IVM)                                           renae_b@yahoo.com


Dr. Harolyn C. Gilles (IVM)                                 (602) 929-6347   Harolyncgilles@gmail.com                  www.drharolyn.com

Dr. David Jensen (IVM + HCQ)                         (480) 444-8715   djensenmedical@gmail.com

Zhanna Tarjeft, FNP-BC (IVM + HCQ)              (480) 550-9551   z@sproutshealth.com                           www.sproutshealth.com

Dr. Barry Zaretzky (IVM + HCQ)                                                   azoncalltelemedicine@gmail.com


Dr. Rob Karas (IVM)                                            (479) 966-5088;  (479) 770-4343                                       https://karashealthcare.com/

Dr. Sharron Mason (IVM + HCQ)                      (501) 463-9079   


Dr. Margaret Aranda (IVM + HCQ)                   (800) 992-9280   dra@ArandaMDenterprises.com        www.arandaMDenterprises.com

Dr. Jeffrey Barke (IVM)                                       (949) 706-3300

​Dr. Jose R. Cilliani (IVM)                                    (714) 421-9926

Dr. George C. Fareed (HCQ)                            (760) 351-4400

Dr. Bob Hamilton (HCQ)                                   (310) 264-2100

Dr. Sabine Hazan (IVM)                                     (805) 339-0221

Dr. Joseph Ladapo (HCQ)                                (310) 206-6232

Dr. Mark McDonald (HCQ)                               (310) 954-9565  

Dr. Donald C. Pompan (HCQ)                          (831) 770-0444

Dr. Brian M.Tyson (IVM + HCQ)                        (760) 592-4351

Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter (HCQ)                      (310) 315-0101

Dr. Tom Yarema (IVM)                                                                      DrTom.com/IvermectinInfo


Siegfried Emme, FNP (IVM)                              (970) 227-0526   ziggyrock1@msn.com                            www.lovelandmedicalclinic.com

Dr. Katia Meier (IVM + HCQ)                            (303) 790-7860   betterhealth@clearskymedical.com     www.clearskymedical.com


Dr. Steven Phillips (HCQ + IVM)                       (203) 544-0005

Dr. Robban Sica (IVM + HCQ)                          (203) 799-7733   support@drsica.com   www.centerhealingarts.org    (prophylaxis, active, long haul)


Dr. Bruce Boros (IVM)                                        (305) 294-0011

Janice A. Dennis (IVM)                                      (561) 847-0573  (call or text)       janiceicurn@bellsouth.net

Dr. Bernard Garcia (IVM)                                   (954) 771-2111

Jessica Ham, ARNP (IVM)                                 (850) 444-8857

Dr. Peter H. Hibberd (IVM)                                (561) 655-4477;  561-725-2356 (text)

Dr. Michael M. Jacobs (HCQ)                           (850) 912-2000

Dr. Nabeel Kouka (IVM)                                     (305) 280-0505    info@salus.md       www.salus.md

Dr. Jasen Kobobel (IVM + HCQ)                      (321) 636-0005   (appointments only with patients already established with his practice)

Dr. Chad Lee (IVM)                                            (954)-289-2845   cnlmedicalgroup@gmail.com               www.cnlmed.com

Dr. Angeli Maun Akey (IVM)                                                         FIRRIMupDoctors@gmail.com  (telemedicine)

Dr. William Nields (IVM + HCQ).                                                 HeadwatersHealthJax@gmail.com

Dr. Ben Marble (HCQ)                                       (850) 776-5555

Dr. Juliana Rajter (IVM)                                      (954) 906-6000

Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter (IVM)                           (954) 906-6000

Dr. Tara A. Solomon (IVM)                                 (954) 984-8892   Ext 1     www.drtarasolomon.com   

Dr. Juan Pascal Suarez-Lopez (IVM)                 (407) 843-0151

Dr. Andres Felipe Velasco (IVM)                       (386) 574-1423

Brian Weinstein, NP (IVM)                                 (888) 329-0120


Dr. Jason N. Cox (IVM + HCQ)                         (912) 632-6000

Dr. Silvie Harrington (IVM)                                 (478) 923 0144    silvie.harrington@gmail.com        www.surgicalassociatesofwarnerrobins.com  

Dr. Jimmy A. Malaver (IVM)                               jmalaver1@netzero.net     prophylaxis for exposed medical personnel; treatment for sick outpatients

USMed Clinic (IVM + HCQ)                              (678) 974-1240


Dr. Ryan N. Cole (IVM)                                      (208) 472-1082

Joseph W. Petrie, PAC (IVM + HCQ)               (208) 833-3773   contact@gemexpresscare.com        www.gemexpresscare.com


Dr. Alan F. Bain (IVM + HCQ)                            (312) 236-7010   https://docintheloop.com

Dr. William Crevier (IVM+HCQ)                        (708) 349-0070  


Dr. Trent Austin (IVM)                                         (812) 932-3224, (812) 662-9500                www.accudocurgentcare.com

Melissa Donahue, FNP (IVM + HCQ)               (765) 201-0746

Dr. A Brooks Parker (IVM)                                  (317) 300-4091   (call to schedule a Zoom meeting; ask for Dr. Parker)


Dr. James Buckmaster (IVM + HCQ)                (270) 831-2004   http://corpuschristi-clinic.com      also treats via telemedicine in Tennessee


Dr. Lauren Mickey (IVM)                                    (318) 322-9882


Dr. Alan R. Vinitsky (IVM)                                                              enlightened_medicine@yahoo.com      


Dr. Kathleen O'Neil-Smith (IVM)                                                  FIRRIMupDoctors@gmail.com  (telemedicine)          Medicare not accepted


Catherine McCulley, CNP (IVM)                       (605) 271-1020   cmcculley@2bhealthy.org       www.marywuebbenwellness.com   (office visit only)


Dr. Joseph N. Holmes (IVM + HCQ)                 (980) 264-9020   text preferred

Dr. Prachee Jain (IVM)                                        (704) 256-8300   thehometowndoctor@gmail.com              https://thehometowndoctors.com

Dr. Jodi Stutts (IVM)                                           (704) 360-5190    jodi519@hotmail.com  (COVID-19 positive patients only; no prophylaxis)


Dr. Arezo M. Fathie (IVM)                                  (702) 407-9994

Dr. Harolyn C. Gilles (IVM)                                 (602) 929-6347   Harolyncgilles@gmail.com       www.drharolyn.com

Dr. Patrick G. Ticman (IVM)                               (702) 877-5199


Dr. Robban Sica (IVM + HCQ)                          (203) 799-7733   support@drsica.com   www.centerhealingarts.org    (prophylaxis, active, long haul


Dr. Stavros Christoudias (HCQ)                        (201) 833-2888

Dr. Alieta Eck (IVM)                                            (732) 463-0303   eckmds@gmail.com

Dr. Stephen M. Smith (HCQ)                            (862) 772-7822

Jennifer Wright MSN, ANP-C (IVM+HCQ)                                 www.doctorsstudio.com          treatment is available only via online purchase


Stephanie Wilks, FNP-C (IVM)                          (575) 433-3000


Dr. Robert J. Aquino (IVM)                                (631) 547-4100   

Dr. Richard Chmielewski (IVM)                          (315) 507-4751   www.FalconClinic.com

Dr. Thomas Madejski (IVM)                               (585) 798-3345

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (HCQ + IVM)                   (845) 537-2742   text for appointment         https://www.vladimirzelenkomd.com


Dr. Trent Austin (IVM)                                        (513) 845-4558     www.accudocurgentcare.com

Dr. A. Patrick Jonas (IVM + HCQ)                     (937) 427-7540

Dr. Jennifer Pfleghaar (IVM)                              (567) 336-6001

Dr. Brad Schneider (IVM)                                   (234) 414-0215

Dr. Fred Wagshul (IVM)                                     (888) 788-9101                      


Dr. Gayle Bounds (IVM)                                     (405) 224-6484   drdee55@earthlink.net

Dr. Randy Grellner (IVM)                                   (918) 725-1599  

Dr. Jim Meehan (IVM)                                       (918) 600-2240   www.meehanmd.com

Laura Moreno, FNP (IVM)                                 (405) 861-0224 

Dr. James Ross (IVM)                                         (918) 932-2909          


Dr. Alexis S. Lieberman (IVM)                           (215) 774-1166    only patients under age 18

Dr. Safiyya Shabazz (IVM)                                  (215) 924-2440    https://www.fountainmedonline.com/contact

Dr. Regina Smith (IVM + HCQ)                         (717) 795-9566


Carolina Health & Wellness Services (IVM)     (843) 996-4908    admin@chwpeds.com    Telehealth for Virginia and South Carolina


Catherine McCulley, CNP (IVM)                       (605) 271-1020   cmcculley@2bhealthy.org       www.marywuebbenwellness.com   (office visit only


Dr. George Graves (IVM)                                   (423) 949-2171   DrGeorgeGraves@Gmail.com

Dr. Dawn Linn (IVM)                                           (615) 551-9707   drdawnlinn@gmail.com           https://impressionshendersonville.com


Dr. Robin Armstrong (HCQ)                              (409) 938-5000

Dr. Kimberly Barbolla (IVM + HCQ)                  (903) 320-3200

Dr. Louis P. Coates (IVM)                                    (972) 496-6937

Dr. Hong Davis (IVM + HCQ)                            (972) 867-5888   call or text.     hormonedrd@gmail.com

Dr. Alison Garza (IVM)                                        (956) 393-2200   https://www.dralisongarza.net/contact

Susan Harris, MSN, CNM, FNP-C (IVM)           (972) 304-6400   tharris@lifestreammed.com           http://lifestreammed.com

Dr. Eder Hernández DMSc,PA-C (IVM)             (956) 546-2000; (956) 518-7444; (956) 731-6699        www.valleymedcovid19.com

Dr. Richard Herrscher (IVM)                               (972) 473-7544   www.aircaremd.com

Dr. Deborah M. Holubec (IVM)                         (214) 509-9691   rpcc.dholubec@protonmail.com

Dr. Stella Immanuel (IVM + HCQ)                     (281) 530-1230

April E. López NP, MSN (IVM)                           (956) 627-5555

Dr. Ivette Lozano (HCQ)                                    (214) 660-1616

Cynthia Malowitz, ANP-BC, FNP-C (IVM)        (361) 937-2121 or (361) 937-2124   www.bayareaquickcare.com   $35 telemedicine visit for uninsured

Raynell Odom, FNP (IVM + HCQ)                    (830) 391-0877

Dr. Russell Phillips (IVM + HCQ)                       (469) 916-4436   russellp@thecellspa.com            www.thecellspa.com

Dr. Hoan Pho (IVM)                                            (210) 541-4164

Dr. Clifford F. Porter (IVM + HCQ)                     (512) 553-1501

Dr. Brian Procter (IVM + HCQ)                          (972) 562-8388

Wendy Starnes, APRN, NP (IVM+HCQ)           (903) 320-3200

Dr. Ibidunni Omolayo Ukegbu (IVM)                (469) 453-2008    https://pearlmedclinic.com  

Dr. Barry Ungerleider (IVM)                                                           https://preventionwithivermectin.com       Telemedicine consult $250 if RX issued

Dr. Richard G. Urso (IVM)                                   (713) 668-6828

Dr. David Gregory Walker (IVM)                        (713) 776-2200   GregWalkerMD@sbcglobal.net


Dr. David Jensen (IVM + HCQ)                         (480) 444-8715   djensenmedical@gmail.com


Carolina Health & Wellness Services (IVM)      (843) 996-4908    admin@chwpeds.com    Telehealth for Virginia and South Carolina


Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzón (IVM)                                                       RetireThePandemic.com/Wisconsin

Dr. Kristen Lindgren (IVM)                                 (920) 737-1625    www.Lindgren.Health

LIMITATION OF LIABILITYThis information is provided as a not-for-profit public service by people who are not medical professionals.In no event shall we or our affiliates be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this information or website, including negligence.


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